Rachel: reformed horse girl

Why hello there! I'm Rachel, your cohost for the Impolite Society podcast. I like to talk.... like a lot. So I thought I'd give my loved ones a break from the constant stream of wild musings, random facts and embelished stories, and put them into a podcast instead. 

I'm a 30-something and a proud midwesterner. Ope! I'm a recovered horse girl who still likes animals a little too much. My hobbies include taking care of my menagerie of critters, beginning creative projects and ignoring the other projects I've started. I'm a big fan of deep conversations about life's weirdness, the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the rule of three.

Laura: couch potato and world traveler

HI, I’m Laura! I’m one half of the dynamic podcasting duo known as "Laura and Rachel." You can always tell us apart when listening by using this handy tip: I’m the one that’s too loud. My whole life people have been telling me to be quiet. Instead of listening I decided to start podcasting to make sure MORE people can hear my armchair psychology, dumb jokes and pop culture references. I’m 30-something *cough* years old, I work in corporate America, and mommy of two excellent little ladies.

When I’m not podcasting you can find me on the couch watching or reading something, planning my next travel or culinary adventure, and wondering about the meaning of it all. Tune in to Impolite Society and have a laugh with us—or just laugh at us. All the same to me.